Uganda College of Commerce Soroti (UCC Soroti) is a Government founded Tertiary Institution under the Ministry of Education and Sports. It was started in 1983 following government policy to decentralize Tertiary Institutions on regional basis.

Under this policy five Colleges of Commerce were established in the respective regions and were centrally coordinated on academic matters. Their academic programmes were coordinated by the National College of Business Studies (NCBS) Nakawa.

However in 1997, NCBS was dissolved, giving way to the establishment of Makerere University Business School (MUBS) under the Makerere University (Establishment of Constituent College) order 1997.

Later, the enactment of The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act (UOTIA), 2001 served to streamline the governance and administrative organs of the colleges, operating under Ministry of Education and sports (M.O.E.S).

The mandate of the College is in the UOTIA Section 76, as amended in 2003 and 2006. To date, Uganda College of Commerce Soroti has a population of over 1,000 students on the various Diploma and Certificate programmes having grown from just four (4) Diploma programmes in 1998, to now twelve (12) programmes and from 1 Certificate programmes in 1997 to now seven (7) programmes.

UCC-Soroti has conducted nine (9) graduations ceremonies and is preparing for the tenth (10TH) ceremony.


To equip students with professional, technical, practical, ethical market driven skills in Business and Entrepreneurship.


The leading provider of quality business education that produces an innovative workforce for national and international development.


To produce well-trained and skilled business professionals for occupation and employment to all categories of people that contribute to the growth of business and development of the nation.


a) A College that upholds Integrity

b) A College that seeks Excellence

c) A College that is teamwork driven

d) A College driven by Customer care

e) A College that promotes Nationalism

f) A College that promotes professionalism


a) Admit students on the various programmes

b) Registration of students

c) Teaching of Students both during the day and evening

d) Examining students, free from malpractice

e) Graduating in time, students who complete their study programmes

f) Developing programmes and get them approved

g) Recruiting qualified academic staff.

h) Exposing the academic staff to new knowledge and practices

i) Purchasing of more reading material

j) Provision of the essential academic infrastructure